A Unique Tourism In East Lansing

November, 2018

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East Lansing, MI Is A Unique Tourism Destination

When it comes to tourism, East Lansing, MI is probably not the first place that comes to mind. As it turns out, however, there are a lot of great things for tourists to do in this part of Michigan. If you are looking for a unique adventure, you may want to consider planning a trip to East Lansing rather than hitting up a traditional hotspot for tourists.

Home to Michigan State University, this city has a vibrant community of people of all ages. The MSU campus is definitely worth checking out since it has some beautiful historic buildings. Along with taking in the architecture of the buildings, the campus also has a couple of different museums that you can visit. If you want, you can even take in a football game if you are visiting during the right time of the year.

If you enjoy plants and gardening, you should consider stopping by the Michigan State Horticultural Gardens. The gardens are not only beautiful to look at but also are quite educational since all of the plants are labeled. You can learn a lot about gardening in the local area while enjoying a peaceful, relaxing stroll among the plants.

Even though it isn’t located directly in East Lansing, a visit to the capitol building in nearby Lansing, MI is another fun thing to do. Not only does the building itself have stunning architecture but you can also take a tour that provides you with a lot of detailed information on how the state government operates. If you enjoy politics, it is definitely worth checking out since it gives you a chance to see the government in action first hand. Be sure to bring along your camera so you can snap some pictures of the outside of the building and the rotunda.

If you enjoy the outdoors, there are hiking trails in the area. For instance, the River Trail in nearby Lansing provides an opportunity to spend time surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you are lucky, you can even spot local wildlife as you walk along the bank of the river.

Even though East Lansing may not be the most popular tourist destination in the world, it does provide visitors with a unique experience. If you want to try something a little bit different for your next vacation, consider booking a trip to this often overlooked part of Michigan to check out everything that it has to offer.

How To Become A Licensed Cosmetologist In East Lansing, Michigan

Working as a cosmetologist can be a fun and exciting career. It provides you with a chance to help people look their best, boosting their self-esteem and giving them more confidence. What could be better than that?

Before you can get a job as a cosmetologist in East Lansing, Michigan, you first need to become licensed. By law, you are required to complete a specific amount of training before providing services to the general public. Along with your schooling, you also need to work as an apprentice to get real-world experience before taking on clients of your own.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for setting the requirements for getting a cosmetology license. Currently, those requirements include obtaining 1500 hours worth of training at an approved beauty school along with completing a two-year apprenticeship.

Once you are done with school, you should be able to obtain a license by paying a small application fee and a licensing fee. After a short amount of time, your license will show up in the mail and you can begin working with clients.

There are a lot of cosmetology schools located throughout Michigan, including in the East Lansing area. It is important to evaluate all of your options so that you can choose a school that offers the right kind of training for you.

Consider visiting a few different schools in person to get a better feel for what they are like. Don’t forget to check online reviews, as well. This gives you a chance to hear directly from other students so you can see what they think about their experiences at the school. Nothing beats a firsthand account from someone who has attended the school when it comes to learning what it is really like.

This career is best suited to someone who enjoys spending time around other people. As a licensed cosmetologist, you will work closely with your customers to help them look their best. Ideally, you should be friendly and outgoing so that you can talk to your clients as you work.

You should also have a good eye for detail and a lot of creativity. During school, you will learn all of the techniques that you need to help people with everything from taking care of their skin to choosing the right haircut for their face shape. All in all, it is both fun and rewarding to be able to help other people feel better about themselves.